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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a method of applying pressure to reflexes in the feet that correspond to each and every gland, organ and system of the body. There are over 7200 nerve endings (reflexes) in each foot. The theory of Reflexology is that the entire body can be mapped onto the feet. By applying pressure to these reflex points, a message travels through the nervous system to the brain which correspondingly sends a healing response to the stressed area of the body. Stimulation of these reflexes improves circulation, relieves stress, relaxes the body and effectively facilitates the natural healing process; thereby, revitalizing and enhancing your total health.

What can I expect in a Reflexology session?

Usually a foot reflexology session lasts about an hour. First sessions tend to be longer as you will be asked to complete a “Client Intake” form including some questions about your medical history and overall health. You will be given a brief explanation of Reflexology and a review of the benefits and reactions you may experience. You will be required to remove your footwear. While on the table the Reflexology Therapist will gently relax your feet and proceed to work through all the reflex areas by applying pressure using thumb walking, finger walking and pressure pointing techniques. The pressure will be adjusted to your level of sensitivity.

What can Reflexology do for me?

Reflexology is used primarily to improve circulation and reduce stress. Medical doctors agree that many health issues today can be linked to stress. By stimulating the reflexes in the feet, Reflexology interrupts the pattern of stress. By reducing stress and tension, Reflexology improves blood and lymph circulation, strengthens the functioning of the immune system, improves assimilation of nutrition and elimination of toxins, and calms the nervous system. In these ways, Reflexology facilitates the body's natural healing processes and thereby helps to influence homeostasis in the body.

Is Reflexology something new?

Evidence shows that Reflexology is actually an ancient practice utilized by Egyptian physicians over 4000 years ago. It is also believed that Reflexology was an integral part of ancient Indian, European, North American Native and Oriental folklore healing practices. Reflexology is a valuable holistic contribution to overall wellness.

Does a Reflexology Therapist diagnose?

NO . Reflexology can identify where stress and tension is located in the body. However, Reflexology is not a treatment or diagnosis for any specific medical condition. Reflexology is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. Reflexology creates a healing response by persuading the body to biologically correct itself, promoting better health and well being. Reflexolog y Therapists are not licensed health care providers and do not diagnose, prescribe or treat a specific symptom or illness .

If I do have a medical condition, can Reflexology make it worse?

Reflexology is completely safe. It simply relaxes the body, which allows it to function more effectively. However, if you do have a medical condition and are under the care of a physician, it is important that you discuss the consequences of any therapy (including Reflexology) with your physician before you commence treatment. This is particularly appropriate if your condition involves an organ transplant, an implanted device (pacemaker), or, is acute.

Can Reflexology do any harm?

No , Reflexology is essentially harmless. Because the therapeutic relaxation that Reflexology produces facilitates the body's release of toxins, its possible this release of toxins may bring about perspiration, a nauseous feeling, a headache, or a bad taste in the mouth. These minor discomforts are evidence of the body's healing process, are very temporary and are not serious. It is recommended to drink plenty of water after your session to assist the body in the detoxification process. Most people enjoy pleasant, relaxed and/or energized feelings after a Reflexology session.

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